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In years of practice, we are firmly sure that our mission is to predict changes, respond to changes, and convert challenges in change into advantages of our customers' investment applications.

We always protect client privacy with meeting the authorities guidelines. We always deliver the professional solutions letting client know the potential risk.

Services are provided as strictly confidential. We do not give clients information to a third party . We promise a serious and careful review on every process to ensure that services comply with local and international regulations and laws.

AXXT has solid partnerships with offshore centres worldwide such as Singapore, Cayman, BVI, Samoa, IOM, USA, UK and Seychelles etc., our professional services range over 50 offshore jurisdictions.

Most of our partners are registered agents from offshore jurisdictions, international and Chinese lawyers, CPAs, senior consultants and managers of commercial banking sectors .

We helping our clients to achieve comprehensive goals such as assets protection, tax planning, and wealth management etc through SPV such as trust, private foundations, nominee services and so on.

We hope that this website will help you understand who we are, what we can do for you, as well as how we provide services and interact with you.